The world around us and the people herein are interconnected like a web chain. To every stage in life is characterized by the efficacy of both non-human and human activities. We may not utterly change the non-human activities but undisputed effect changes in human activities either negatively or positively. These changes in turn affect and influence our day-to-day interactions with ourselves, families, friends, colleagues, nations and the world at large. Hence we become the major actor in the Global lives we presume and also look forward to.
Wevans Global is this web chain and is designed to formulate positive changes that the world will experience in the near future and as such tends to link everyone & everything to “this chain” in order to influence and transform the world in the path for greater achievements.

Complete Social Network
Complete Social Network

The world around us and the people herein are interconnected like a web chain. To every stage in life is characterized by the efficacy of both non-human and human activities. Here in WG we manage interconnections with our subscribers across the globe.

Solution to Global Issues
Solution to Global Issues

As technology continue to develop, more global issues needing urgent attention emerge. In WG, we seek to Identify global issues and proffer durable solutions to them.

Invest in opportunity
Invest in opportunities.

Investment opportunities unfold across the globe daily. Deriving benefits from these opportunities matter to us. In WG, we identify global opportunities and invest in them via our community

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WG is designed for creative minds spread across the globe. whether you have an idea to share, have an investment opportunity or want to keep abreast with world happenings.

Establishes Synergy

Sharing cultural values and norms are part of our values. In WG, we ensure that our members have virtual experiences with diverse cultures


Making products and services sell across continents satisfies our Global desire. In WG, we seek a global market with no borders.

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ADina M.  (D.R.Congo)m a leader and being a part of Wevans Global has giving me the opportunity of exploring my leadership qualities and building myself in general life circle, thanks to Wevans Global.

Dayo (Nigeria)

Faith B. (USA)I have been searching for this opportunity to fulfilling my dreams, now I can make my dreams come true. Thanks to Wevans Global.

Chinwe (Nigeria)

I find this organization interesting and I want to know more. Thanks for being a part of Wevans Global

Dina (D.R.Congo)

I have always dreamed of participating with an organization that will bring out the best in me especially with international affairs. Wevans Global has made this dream come true.

David (Cyprus)

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WEVANS GLOBAL (WG) is organizations that cut across Nations with the sole aim to link and connect people of varying prospects into a community that will foster the achievement of transparent global dreams and visions. WG focuses on the current events that are transpiring in the global world and seek to modify or formulate a prospective approach towards meeting the need of people across borders.

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